Made from silver brazed stainless steel parts, these oversized bottle cages allow you to carry 1L Nalgene and Klean Kanteen Widemouth bottles.

Like our regular cages there are three variations of this design Left, Right and Symmetric.

Left and Right are true sideloaders allowing you to carry 1L bottles in frames with smaller triangles or maximizing your allowed frame bag size.

The Symmetric variation looks more like a classic bottle cage. While it doesn’t allow for side entry it is slightly stiffer and could be a more durable option for a fork mount cage where the side loading function isn’t needed and where the cage is more exposed than inside the bike frame.

The cages are designed and handmade in Denmark.

44.00 EUR


┬áIf mounted in the regular “seat tube” and “top side of downtube” positions LEFT+RIGHT sideloaders can be swapped around so bottles exit either on drive side or non-drive side. You’d need a LEFT and a RIGHT side loader cage if you want bottles exiting on the same side.



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LEFT sideloader, RIGHT sideloader, Symmetric, M5 machine screw set