Production frames can be absolutely amazing. If you can find a frameset with the right specs and geometry for you – go for it!
What I offer is what you can’t neccesarily buy. It could be an exact geometric copy of a CAAD10 roadbike but with slightly more stack or it could be a deep custom touring bike with quirky components and custom dropouts. Personally I’ve never been able to make an off the peg frameset work aestetically with my fit preferences. That’s why I decided to make my own frames.
I can guide you to a type of bike that will suit you and your riding style and I am happy to advice on components and geometry choices (in terms of handling), but I always suggest you start out your custom bicycle adventure by visiting a trustworthy bike fitter. If you already know what works for you, great – then we can get started.


I need to take a frame deposit to be able to start the conversation with you. This will be deducted from the final quote but gives you a slot in the build cue. I only do one bike at the time at the moment and lead times vary depending on the complexity of the build and custom parts needed. If you put down a deposit today you should be able to have a working bike within a year.
If you know exactly what you want and just want me to fabricate a frame to your desired specs we can fast track to you receiving a 2D drawing and me choosing details based on your custom form.

Currently I only offer fillet brazed (and filed) steel or stainless steel frames.

Design Consultation

If you’d like me to help out with styling, colour and component choices etc. I also offer design consultation. We can do this face to face in my workshop in Aarhus or via Zoom or similar online services.

A part of the the design fase is that you receive 3D visualisations for your approval before we embark on building the frame.

I am happy to facilitate a complete build if you’d like. I collaborate with a great bag maker and amazing wheels builders.

Deeeeeeep Custom

If you really want something unique I have a lot of experience designing for both 3D printing and CNC machining and would be happy to talk about special frame components.

I also offer my cad skills for other frame builders and manufacturers. So if you want help designing and developing components or bike concepts, for someone else to fabricate, my services are available.


I offer prototyping and early stage development. I also have extensive experience in making tools and fixtures for special jobs.

Get in touch if you have a project in mind.