About Hulsroy Cycles

I am Mads Hulsrøj Jæger.

I graduated from architecture school in 2013 but I have always been a maker, and during my education I was bitten by metal work. Seeking more than the shallows of architecture had to offer, I began to explore the process behind how things are made, and above all how things are made well. This lead me to take a break from architecture school and study precision mechanics. Here I learned to work with metal in a professional way.

After my return to architecture and my graduation project, I started defining an approach to making, and more specifically frame building. Self reliance and learning through free knowledge were the key principles, fueled by the ever expanding online bicycle forum community. By sharing my process with a mix of jaded professionals and eager enthusiasts, I received loads of support, valuable advice and some good offers along the way. The end result was a steel cargo bike – the ultimate symbol of self-reliance and independence, as well as living proof that you can accomplish a lot if you seek out the knowledge. In this way it became my story to design, build, and share.

I believe that bicycles are important. Especially simple and beautiful bicycles made by human hands. In all my work I aim to have a sustainable approach: quality not quantity.

But that’s not all. It’s also about getting out there on your bike, and spreading the joy to as many people as possible. It’s about spending time with friends and having long deep conversations on the bike. It’s about finding the adventure and expanding your horizon, as well as the enjoyment of nature and getting a break from the real world.

My mantra is “KØRDØR”, translated to ‘ride til you die’ or ´ride you buffoon´ – it sort of has two meanings in Danish. And it’s hard to explain the duality.

KØR TIL DU DØR was written on the tarmac at the top of a gnarly climb calle dPøt Mølle. As I reached the top of the climb, at a moment of exhaustion, I realised what cycling meant to me. I sincerely hope I can ride until I die. And that all my friends and family can too. It’s obviously not what the author of the statement meant, but it’s what I took from it – Cyling Momento Mori.