CONTEXT:  Workshop / Aarhus School of Architecture

CATEGORY: Interactive architecture

Performing Architecture was a workshop run by Richard Roberts and Ruairi Glynn.

The ‘Temperamental Shelter’ playfully proposes annoyance as a valid and stimulating response to behaving architectures in public space.
Its behaviors are designed to attract attention when it is on its own and then to respond very directly to the proximity of people, but to respond in a way you might not expect. By taking a particular route towards it maybe there is a way you can learn to get shelter from it. Or perhaps it is a matter of convincing it that it should shelter you. But it will never be unnecessarily open.It is intended as a performer as well as a diagrammatic representation of the idea of shelter.

During our research we looked at ‘the language of the fan’, the historical use of fanning as a communication device in Victorian courtship rituals. The fanning motion borrows from this tradition – to open and shut the fan signified saying ‘you are cruel’.

In collaboration with Tara Fritzgerald, Christina Pontoppidan, Hans Rasmus Nyvang and Hjalti Brynjarsson.

MEDIUM: Steelwork, precision mechanics, lasercutter, stepper motors, Arduino programming