CONTEXT: Research / Aarhus School of Architecture

CATEGORY: Design / Fabrication 


In the agreement of the Finance Act, there has been allocated a so-called quality grant for artistic educational institutions of 15 million DKK annually, until 2023. This research project is funded by these means. Read more.


The key investigation focuses on recovered polymer as a renewal material for producing new bespoke building components. As applied research, the aim is to develop processes, prototypes and components that develops research into new sustainable material tectonics. The research production aims to raise awareness for material resources, and to identify new architecture paradigms that embrace architecture and building technology through the process Research through Design. As such the research is pivotal in the workshops of the school, with attention given to the practice-based research focus areas, and a direction pointing toward hands-on, 1:1 experiments and workshop based cognition.

External partners and collaborators

Aarhus Kommune

Aage Vestergaard Larsen


MEDIUM: Polycarbonate, timber frame, steel profiles