Ice Skin

CONTEXT: Greenland / 2012

CATEGORY: Architecture / material research

This project aims at developing a type of skin for buildings in cold and snowy environments, using digital recordings of ice melting and cracking to create texture. An investigation of ice and surfaces paired with digital fabrication methods.

As a part of the Danish contribution to the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale, Aarhus School of Architecture was asked to form a studio, working closely with Cebra and Transform. The aim of the studio was to do research and develop projects in an arctic environment under the overall theme “Future Greenland”.

In this research, I focused on developing a new aesthetic and contextual approach to building in an arctic environment. Creating a building skin made to catch ice and make it a part of it’s expression. To make the building a part of the landscape. A sort of hyper contextual approach to industrial building.

The idea for further development would be to create some sort of large portable CNC miller so you would be able to mill on site in the snow or ice and then cast directly into the snow. I made tests of concrete hardening while frozen and the results were quite intriguing.

In collaboration with Marte Ringseth and Pi Fabrin.

MEDIUM: Hydrophone, Audacity, Rhino, CNC, Cibatool, concrete.