CONTEXT:  CHART Art Fair / Copenhagen

CATEGORY: Temporary Architecture / Event

Center For Rumteknik (CFR) tries to deal with the complications of building quality temporary architecture on a tight budget.

For a long time CFR have worked with festival installations and structures of impermanent character, having to choose between available modular systems or building something from ground up using cheap materials.

CHART Architecture Competition offered us the opportunity to build a pavilion, facilitating an temporary event, but with a budget, allowing us to investigate the possibilities of making a light weight, portable structure that can accommodate serving of tacos.

The main construction being steel, let us design a structure that can be folded away and transported easily from site to site.

The roof of the pavilion is made of PVC and sewn by Ullman Sails, with the precision used in fabricating pro racing sails.

The wooden panels of the back and floor is made from multiple, durable and strong ash sticks mounted onto wire, making it possible to roll them up and easily transport them along with the steel.

The shape of the pavilion is inspired by food stands from all over the world. Aiming at a subtle reference to fast-food culture but also an iconic shape that says “get your eat on”.

In collaboration with Thomas Lillevang.

MEDIUM: Steelwork, TIG welding, waterjet, woodwork