Foil Wall

Off The Wall

Proposition of a mechanical installation for the Danish Pavillion at the 2012 Architecture Biennale in Venice.
The Danish contribution to the 2012 Biennale investigates the theme Possible Greenland. Read about it here.

This project is the outcome of a workshop called OFF THE WALL held by The South Pole University. The purpose of the workshop was to invent an atmospheric installation for the backside of the Danish Pavillion in Venice.

My proposition is a wall of reflective aluminum foil, moving randomly in and out. It is a vertical synthetic landscape inspired by the reflections of snow and ice.
The light reflected from the moving foil imitates the reflections of icy waters bathed in sunlight.
The idea is to create an arc that blocks the view from inside the pavilion to the square outside. The space created between the pavilion and the arc represents a feeling of disorientation and resembles being in the outback of Greenland. Surrounded by mountains, covered in snow.

The small motors and the moving foil creates sounds miming the sound of ice cracking. A white noise enhancing the feeling of disorientation.

The usage of aluminum foil comments on the possibilities of Greenland becoming a nation of aluminum production in the near future and the effects it will have on the landscape.