CONTEXT: Gallery Q / Copenhagen Culture Night

CATEGORY: Spatial installation

Disorder is a cross disciplanary art installation based on the reflections of conceptual art by Sol LeWitt, where the artist sets his own rules for a given project. These rules are to be followed without deviation. The artist thereby ignore recognition and succes. Instead, mistakes and postive outcome are noted and brought in to following pieces.

In Disorder this method is investigated via an art installation where architecture, performance and sound merge together and gives the viewer an sensual and bodily experience.

The viewer is led into the gallery by an anteroom, where strobe light makes navigation impossible. Once the entrance is found the viewer arrives in a room where a pedistal invites the viewer to take a note with a random number (which represents a fictive diagnose) and move on to the next room. The number is to be handed over at the counter in the next room. This room is filled with smoke and the only light sources are projectors making 3d animations in the smoke. The room is filled wit loud techno music and conversation is impossible. At the counter “medicine” is given to fit the diagnose. You are asked to take the medicine and repeat treatment if needed. The viewer exits the gallery feeling confused and a little sedated.

In collaboration with Gilbert Gordon (artist), Sanna Blennow (choreographer), David Madsen (psychologist) and Johannes Gross (Technoproducer)

MEDIUM: After Effects, VDMX, projectors, Matrox Triplehhead, smoke, AV.