Berlin White Lines

CONTEXT: .HBC / Cultural Center / Berlin

CATEGORY: Spatial installation

As the strobing light momentarily divides the space of the dance floor, new situations arises, bodies and light merge in an almost choreographed composition, creating new spaces.

Berlin white lines investigates the possibilities of carving space with lines, light and bodies.

It is multiple ephemeral structures, which discusses the transformation of space, perception and transparency. It is an intriguing assembly of curved surfaces, framed in a lightweight structure. As the perceiver moves, these surfaces will open and close, allowing different intensities, according to their direct relation to the perceiver.

Strobe, fluorescent and projected light adds a new dimension to the experience of the structures. With precision mapping, the projected light is controlled and the individual frames take their place in the whole of the structure; they become an autonomous part in the bigger whole.

The project consists of five unique structures performing different tasks according to the placement within the space and expressed through their shape and lighting conditions.

These installations was made for the new years party at .HBC Berlin.

In collaboration with WHOISIN.

MEDIUM: Projector beamers, After Effects, VDMX, WG polyester band.