A Atelier

CONTEXT:  Household art gallery / Trøjborg / Aarhus


In early 2011 my friend Mads Gensø Gundersen and I discussed the possibilities of opening an art gallery in the house where Mads lived at the time. The house had an excellent basement with direct access to the streets of Trøjborg, Aarhus. We started refurbishing the basement and in early November we were ready for our first exhibit. Inviting random people to come see an art exhibiton at a private venue.

We asked the art and architecture collective GI/IGA to do the first exhibition. Read about the exhibition here.

The project was non-profit and we did it merely to be able to exhibit, and work with, art talent we found needed a chance to show work publicly.

In collaboration with Mads Gensø Gundersen.

MEDIUM:  Overhead projector, video projector, print, steelwork