Mads Hulsrøj Peterson

Cand. Arch




  • Teaching Fellow / Bmade / The Bartlett School of Architecture


  • Documentary work for Aarhus School of Architecture. Portraits for candidate exhibition, various film works for exhibitions inc. Drawing of the Year, BASE etc.
  • Kulbroen (Coal Bridge) public space development project. Funded by Real Dania, Danish Ministry of Environment and Underværker. Center For Rumteknik + Paraiso Agency.
  • “Aarhus På Cykel” development project for Aarhus Municipality Health and Care Dept. Creating a prototype of a three wheeled elderly friendly bicycle taxi and making a manual for further development projects and a buyers guide for the municipality for future purchases of bicycles.
  • Documentary photography and architectural analysis for Northside Festival and Tinderbox Festival.
  • Design and construction of Aarhus Cycle Library. Center For Rumteknik



  • Part of Aarhus School of Architecture’s Candidate Start Up Workshop “Haunting Aarhus” run by Nat Chard, Michael Jemtrud, Florian Köhl and Colin Herperger.
  • AFGANG! Documentary trilogy about finishing architecture school. Directing, producer and editing.
  • Freelance film photographer for REDIA on various productions.
  • Responsible for MLAB (Material Laboratory) at Aarhus School of Architecture.
  • Selected participant in Chart Art Fair (architecture competition) submitting the piece Gastrolite.
  • Anglepoise Lamp (steel craft) workshop for Studio Building Design at Aarhus School of Architecture.
  • UV-Reality. Ultraviolet paint installation at North Side Festival (Aarhus).



  • Co-founder of the workshop collective Center For Rumteknik (Center for Space and Techonolgy)
  • Temporary Lecturer at Aarhus School of Architecture (July 2015). Teaching fabrication and material knowledge.
  • DISORDER art exhibition/performance at Galleri Q, Culture Night Copenhagen 13
    – Kalos Eidos Skopeo video installation/performance at Trailerpark Festival, Copenhagen.
  • Part of Aarhus School of Architecture’s Candidate Start Up Workshop “Intermediate Vessels” run by Shin Egashira.



  • Video installation for various dining events (october-december), Egmontsalen (Danish National Museum).
  • Videoproduction and workshop setup “Art, Letters and Numbers” (by David Gersten) at Aarhus School of architecture.
  • Part of ACT’s (Aarhus School of Architecture, Cebra and Transform) contribution to the Danish pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennale, with the project NEW ARCTIC CUISINE.
  • Vertical Archive’s latest music video, REM by Pale Corners, premieres on Swedish Television.



  • Co-founder and editor of Aarhus School of Architecture’s blog.
  • Spacetransformer. Lighting, stage design and video production, Aarhus Urban Lab, Aarhus Culture Night, Ridehuset.
  • Pale Corners – REM music video. Directing og Production design, in collaboration with Vertical Archive.
  • Cocreator of the event Berliner Wagen at Distortion Festival. (WHOISIN)
  • Area coordinator and event planner at Swim City, Roskilde Festival.
  • Norberg Festival, member of board and art and event coordinator, booker of visual acts.
  • Berlin White Lines, coordinator and concept developer. At HBC, Berlin (WHOISIN)



  • Norberg Festival, booker of visual acts.
  • All year volunteer, Roskilde Festival.
  • Cofounder of WHOISIN, art and architecture collective.



  • Hulsroy Visuals, self-employed.





  • “The Vessel of an Escapist” selected and nominated for UPCOMING and exhibited at FORMLAND.
  • DISORDER art exhibition/performance at Galleri Q, Culture Night Copenhagen



  • Participant in “Nybyggerne I Ridehuset” with the project A Lot Of Tracing (WHOISIN)




Cand.arch (Aarhus School of Architecture)

  • 10th semester: How To Make A Living – The Vessel of an Escapist
  • Leave: Precision Mechanics (Basic course) at Ballerup TEC.
  • 8th-9th semester. Studio Biennale
  • 7th semester Studio Making Real


Bachelor (Arkitektskolen Aarhus)

  • 6th semester Studio Design
  • Leave: Travelling in Japan
  • 5. semester. Making Real
  • 1. – 4. Basic education


- Krabbesholm Højskole
- Middelfart Gymnasium.





  • Rhino
  • Autocad
  • Adobe: Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, After Effects.
  • TechnoCAM
  • P301 Prisma
  • Sketchup
  • VDMX (live video performance)
  • Modul8
  • Delcam PowerMill
  • SolidWorks



  • Metal work: TIG welding, MAG welding, fillet brazing, milling, lathe working, etc.
  • Wood work: Basic carpenter and cabinet making skill level + lathe and cnc work.
  • Casting concrete and plaster.
  • Vacuum forming
  • hand sketching / modelmaking


Digital fabrication

  • Waterjet cutter / CMS Technocut / Idroline
  • Zünd G3 XL-1600 Eurolaser Cutter 400W
  • Zünd G3 2 XL 1600 Digital Cutter
  • HAAS P3